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Things To Consider When Upgrading The Modern Office Space

A lot of things have changed in the world of business in the last decade, a great deal of commerce has migrated to digital platforms and technology has taken over some of the drudge work for us, but no matter how much we embrace the machines, they can’t replace the very core element of all business activity- the people. You can’t do business without people, and even though many now work from home using video conferencing and other internet tools to accomplish their tasks, there still has to be a place where they can meet and work together up close and personally, where they can confer and create new ideas in an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared purpose. We call that place the office, and yes, we still need to have them.

The intrinsic value of the business office cannot be overstated, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an immutable entity, times have changed and the office must change with it! Today’s business offices must reflect the tech that helps workers do their work now, and also take the staff’s human needs into account to create the synergy that will drive a modern company to success! We have some suggestions you should consider when planning to improve your offices to help you achieve that balance, so before you go shopping for office furniture in Melbourne we hope you hear us out!

Whenever you plan to make changes to an active working space like an office, planning and preparation are key. You should take into consideration more than the physical aspects, look at intangibles such as team dynamic, focus, engagement, and productivity. The most effective way to discover the office layout and design that will work best for your business is to study your staff’s current dynamic. Start by ask yourself these questions:

  • What is working well in the existing office design?
  • How does the staff utilize their current space?
  • What isn’t working correctly now, and why?
  • Are there obstacles impeding staff collaboration?
  • Are there any common complaints about the workspace from the staff?

In regards to the last question, it’s best not to hesitate to directly ask your staff about what changes they would like to see take place! They are the people who know the office as it is now the best, and thus are likely to have the most relevant suggestions for positive change! While there may be some ideas they put forth that won’t make the final cut, it’s very likely you will learn some important things that will help you make the most informed and productive decisions about making improvements!

A very important aspect of the modern office that we need to take into account is one we have already touched on- technology. The future modifications to your office’s design must reflect and accentuate the technologies that your staff is using on a daily basis in order to make the workspace dynamic flow properly.

One great example of this is the case of wired technology vs wireless technology. While wired tech does have some advantages, like high speed and excellent security, it can also restrict movement, and often keeps staff stuck at their workstations, whereas wireless tech gives them the freedom to move around the office with no restrictions while accomplishing tasks and conferring with their teammates. The question of the merits of wired and wireless is going to be an issue of some contention continuing into the near future, but it’s important to not neglect to take into account all of the various technologies that will impact your staff’s daily work routine, and maximize their positive aspects as you design a workspace that works at maximum efficiency and ease for the people using them.

That brings us back around to our original premise, that despite the ever-growing amount of technology we are employing in our businesses, it means nothing without the people, and the people need an office that accommodates them and their human needs, with the tech being subservient to those. When it’s time to shop for that new office furniture why not simply ask your staff what they desire? Do they want to switch to standing desks? Do they want to sit at their desks, but prefer to do it in an ergonomically designed chair? The best offices of today are those that put people first, they are always your greatest resource.

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