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Some Pro Tips For A Smooth Move

Moving house is something that nearly everyone is going to be faced with at least once in their lifetime, and maybe a lot more. There is really no amount of spin that can make the process fun, but it doesn’t have to be miserable either, if you follow some simple guidelines.

If you really want to make moving an easy, carefree experience then do yourself a big favour and enlist the services of professional residential packers and movers who know how to move your house efficiently and fast for you while you sit back and enjoy watching it all happen without having to lift a finger!

To help you get the process started here are some tips and guidelines:

Prep Ahead Of Time – As moving day approaches things are bound to get more and more hectic, so do yourself a favour and start making your preparations as early as you possibly can. Things like address changes, cancelling subscriptions, and organizing what’s going and what’s not will go so much smoother if you allow yourself plenty of time to take care of them. Be sure to make a detailed To Do checklist, then take some pleasure in it as you cross off one pending item after another!

Schedule The Utilities – Once you have firmly set your moving date, be sure to schedule the utilities for your new home to be started up a day or two before your arrival. Don’t forget any home security systems! Imagine going through a long cross-country drive only to find your new home doesn’t have any water or power! You also need to remember to arrange for the utilities in your old home to shut off the day after you have left, or to have previously arranged for them to transfer over to any new residents.

Declutter – Over the years we tend to collect a lot of stuff, and not all of it maintains its importance to us as time passes. Take some time to go through your possessions and ask yourself if they still spark joy in your heart, or if they are really going to be something you can use in your new home, or just change closets? If they aren’t worth bringing with you, consider donating them to a local charity, or holding a Sunday afternoon garage sale. The main thing is to not spend a lot of time, effort, and money packing up and moving a bunch of junk that you will never use again!

Secure Your Moving Supplies – If you are using a professional moving service sit back and relax, but if you intend to DIY your move, then you need to go shopping for your moving supplies early, you wouldn’t want to go to the store on moving day and find they are out of packing tape!

Book Help Early – If you are planning to hire moving services, rent a moving van, or hire professional painters or cleaners to spruce up the house you are leaving or the one you are moving into, be sure to book their help as early as possible. If you wait too long to take care of this important task you run the risk of paying a higher price, or finding that the desired services are all booked up and unavailable to you when you need to move! This can happen quite quickly during the peak moving season, which generally runs from late spring to early fall, with mid summer being the busiest. To avoid disappointment book help early!

Carry Essential Items With You – Don’t trust in the moving truck unless you are the one driving it, be sure to pack up your essential items the day before the move and keep them with you so you will be sure to have access to them as soon as you arrive at your new home. Consider packing a go bag with your medications, toiletries, a couple of changes of clothes, a spare set of keys to the new house, your laptop or mobile devices, and any necessary paperwork. If something happens to the truck along the way like a breakdown you will have your necessities safely in hand.

The Australian Government’s myGov website has more useful information on making a residential move. Moving is never going to be pleasant, but it doesn’t have to be awful either, being prepared will make your move as smooth as can be!

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