DiSTI’s Collaboration For Revolutionary Safety-Critical Deployment


The aerospace and automotive industries are on the verge of a transformative shift. A groundbreaking Safety-Critical Deployment Solution has emerged, poised to redefine the very standards of safety, reliability, and efficiency. This solution is the culmination of a powerful collaboration spearheaded by DiSTI, a leader in Virtual maintenance training and VR Training Development Tools and User Interface Software.

This collaborative effort saw DiSTI contribute its innovative GL Studio SC HMI software, known for its unmatched capabilities in crafting safety-critical graphical interfaces. Joining the team was SYSGO, another industry heavyweight, who provided the PikeOS, a secure real-time operating system that serves as the robust foundation for dependable systems. NXP® Semiconductors further bolstered the team with their powerful i.MX 8 applications processor, offering the processing muscle needed for demanding aerospace and automotive applications. Finally, CoreAVI rounded out the team with their VkCore® SC graphics and compute software suite, ensuring smooth and optimized graphics rendering while adhering to the stringent safety protocols crucial in these critical industries.

Through this remarkable collaboration, DiSTI has played a pivotal role in developing a comprehensive suite of tools. This powerful solution empowers engineers to push the boundaries of safety and performance, paving the way for a future where both the aerospace and automotive industries can soar to new heights.

Overview Of The Safety-Critical Deployment Solution

DiSTI, a global leader in Virtual training solutions, is at the forefront of a revolution in safety-critical deployments. Through a revolutionary collaboration with industry titans SYSGO, CoreAVI, and NXP, DiSTI is introducing a game-changing solution. This innovative solution, championed by Mr. Chris Giordano, VP of AR & VR User Experience at DiSTI, represents a significant leap forward in addressing the evolving needs of the aerospace and automotive industries.

Designed with meticulous attention to the latest safety standards, this deployment stack ensures unmatched levels of reliability, performance, and compliance. Chris Giordano, VP of UI/UX Technology at DiSTI, underscores the paramount importance of safety and highlights the solution’s profound impact on addressing industry needs. Additionally, Franz Walkembach, VP of Marketing & Alliances at SYSGO, emphasizes the collaborative partnership’s capacity to foster innovation and robust system development.

From advanced HMIs to secure real-time operating systems and powerful processors, each component is engineered to propel organizations forward, facilitating accelerated innovation and heightened safety standards in today’s competitive landscape.

The Safety-Critical Solution Reshaping Aerospace & Automotive

The Safety-Critical Deployment Solution marks a paradigm shift in the aerospace and automotive industries, fundamentally redefining safety, reliability, and efficiency standards. By integrating cutting-edge technologies and adhering to the latest safety protocols, this solution from DiSTI, the leader in virtual training solutions, ensures unparalleled levels of performance and compliance. Moreover, it addresses the evolving needs of these dynamic industries, providing a framework that adapts to changing requirements and challenges.

This groundbreaking solution isn’t just about offering new tools; it signifies a fundamental shift in the aerospace and automotive industries. Here’s how:

Redefining Safety, Reliability, And Efficiency Standards

By combining cutting-edge HMI design, a secure real-time operating system, a powerful processor, and optimized graphics, this solution sets a new benchmark. It prioritizes safety through rigorous development processes and certifications while ensuring smooth operation and peak performance for demanding applications.

Addressing Evolving Industry Needs

The aerospace and automotive landscapes are constantly innovating. This solution caters to these advancements by providing developers with the tools to create intuitive interfaces, safely integrate new features, and handle complex tasks efficiently.

Enabling Innovation And Robust Systems

This deployment stack empowers engineers to push the boundaries of safety-critical systems. It allows them to develop innovative features with the confidence that these advancements meet the highest safety standards. The result? More robust systems pave the way for the future of these critical industries.

Key Features Of The Safety-Critical Deployment Solution

Imagine crafting user interfaces (UI) for airplanes and automobiles that are not only stunningly visual but prioritize safety above all else. That’s the magic behind DiSTI’s GL Studio SC HMI software. This cutting-edge development tool empowers engineers to design interfaces that are as intuitive as they are safe, meeting the industry’s most rigorous standards. But a beautiful UI is just the tip of the iceberg. SYSGO’s PikeOS keeps everything running smoothly and securely under the hood.

This industry-leading operating system ensures all the critical functions within the system work together flawlessly.  It even allows for safe integration of both essential and non-essential applications through a clever technique called partitioning. Plus, PikeOS boasts the highest certifications in the game, guaranteeing industrial safety at its finest.

Now, let’s talk about the engine that powers this whole operation. Enter NXP’s i.MX 8 applications processor.  Imagine a processor so powerful and versatile it can handle the most complex safety-critical tasks with ease. That’s the i.MX 8, ensuring every function runs smoothly, even in the most demanding environments.

Finally, we have CoreAVI’s VkCore SC. This suite of tools is like a secret weapon for developers. It unlocks the power of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), allowing for lightning-fast processing and rendering of complex graphics.  Engineered for peak performance and rock-solid reliability, VkCore SC empowers developers to create safe, scalable applications with stunning visuals. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with industry-standard graphics APIs like OpenGL SC and Vulkan SC, guaranteeing smooth and consistent performance in those critical safety scenarios.

This powerhouse combination of technologies forms the backbone of the Safety-Critical Deployment Solution. It’s a testament to collaboration between industry leaders, paving the way for a future where innovation and safety go hand-in-hand.

Fostering Innovation Through Collaborative Partnership

DiSTI is delighted to partner with SYSGO, CoreAVI, and NXP to introduce an innovative Safety-Critical Deployment Solution that directly addresses the safety needs of the aerospace and automotive sectors.

Unique Benefits By Industry

  • Avionics: The solution streamlines UX/UI design and HMI workflows to enable rapid iteration and seamless targeted deployment.
  • Automotive: The deployment solution incorporates rigorous software development for airworthy embedded software and superior graphics.

Distinguishing Features

  • Advanced HMIs: Offering intuitive human-machine interaction designs that enhance user engagement.
  • Secure Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS): Ensuring uncompromised safety through dependable software systems.
  • Powerful Processors: Delivering next-level computing power for smooth performance.
  • Optimized Graphics Drivers: Maximizing visual quality and rendering speed.

Organizational Benefits

The solution helps businesses:

  • Achieve development goals more quickly and efficiently.
  • Prioritize safety in every aspect of deployment.
  • Remain competitive in rapidly evolving markets.

Shared Vision:

  • DiSTI: Leads the UI/UX front with innovative workflow designs.
  • SYSGO: Champions safety with reliable RTOS technology.
  • CoreAVI: Provides advanced GPU acceleration and embedded software.
  • NXP: Supplies high-performance processors with scalable architectures.

Together, these partners have combined their strengths to deliver a cohesive solution that raises the bar for safety-critical deployments in the aerospace and automotive sectors.


The future of safety-critical deployments takes flight this April. Be among the first to witness firsthand demonstrations at the prestigious Embedded World conference in Nuremberg and Aerospace Tech Week in Munich.

To explore the possibilities of the Safety-Critical Deployment Solution and discover a world of innovative training solutions at  For more information on safety-critical HMI or embedded systems, contact [email protected] and join the revolution in safety and performance.

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