Cleetus McFarland Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Occupation, Career And More

Cleetus McFarland’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. He gained fame through his popular YouTube channel.

Cleetus McFarland, whose real name is Garrett Mitchell, is an American automotive enthusiast and YouTube personality. He is known for his high-octane car content, including racing and vehicle modifications. His channel has amassed millions of subscribers, making him a prominent figure in the automotive community.

Cleetus also hosts events like “Cleetus and Cars” and owns the Freedom Factory, a racetrack in Florida. His engaging personality and passion for cars have helped him build a substantial online presence, contributing significantly to his net worth. Fans admire his dedication to the automotive world, making his channel a go-to for car enthusiasts.

Cleetus McFarland’s Bio

Category Details
Full Name Lawrence Garrett Mitchell
Date of Birth April 5, 1995
Age 29 years old
Nationality American
Profession Racing driver, car enthusiast, amateur pilot, and YouTube content creator
YouTube Channel Cleetus McFarland
Notable Cars – “Leroy”: Bodyless Chevrolet Corvette C5 with an exo-cage
– “Mullet”: Purpose-built race car from a Chevrolet El Camino
Freedom Factory Mitchell owns the Freedom Factory, an abandoned speedway in Florida
Stadium Super Trucks Debut season in 2022; raced the No. 1776 truck; achieved podium finish
Net Worth Approximately $3 million

Cleetus McFarland Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Occupation, Career And More

Cleetus Mcfarland: From Humble Beginnings

Cleetus McFarland, a name synonymous with high-speed car action, has captured the hearts of millions. His journey from modest origins to YouTube stardom is inspiring. Let’s dive into his early life and how his car passion paved the way to fame.

Early Life And Passion For Cars

Cleetus McFarland, born Garrett Mitchell, grew up in Nebraska. As a kid, he was fascinated by cars. He spent countless hours tinkering with engines. His love for speed and mechanics was evident early on.

Garrett’s family supported his passion and encouraged him to pursue his dreams. In high school, he participated in car shows and races, which laid the foundation for his future endeavours.

The Rise Of A YouTube Star

Garrett started his YouTube channel under the name Cleetus McFarland in 2015. His unique style and engaging content quickly gained attention. He began posting videos of car modifications and racing adventures.

The channel’s popularity soared, reaching millions of subscribers. Cleetus’s charm and authenticity resonated with viewers, and soon, he became a household name in the car enthusiast community.

His content evolved to include large-scale events and collaborations. He organized drag races, car builds, and more. Fans loved the thrill and excitement of his videos.

Cleetus McFarland’s net worth grew significantly through YouTube ad revenue, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. His journey from humble beginnings to a successful YouTube star is a testament to his dedication and passion.

Building A Brand: Cleetus Mcfarland’s Identity

Cleetus McFarland has carved a unique niche in the automotive world. His brand blends car culture and online entertainment. Let’s explore how Cleetus built his strong identity.

Creating An Online Persona

Cleetus McFarland’s real name is Garrett Mitchell. He adopted the Cleetus persona for his YouTube channel. This character is fun, enthusiastic, and loves cars. By creating Cleetus, Garrett found a way to connect with his audience. People love Cleetus’s energy and passion for racing.

Cleetus’s videos often feature car builds, races, and events. Each video is engaging and exciting, keeping viewers coming back for more. Creating Cleetus allowed Garrett to stand out in the crowded YouTube space. His distinct persona is now a crucial part of his brand.

Leveraging Social Media For Growth

Social media played a significant role in Cleetus’s success. He uses platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to reach fans. Each platform helps him share different content. On YouTube, he posts detailed videos of car projects and events. Instagram is for quick updates and behind-the-scenes moments. Facebook helps him connect with a broader audience.

Cleetus also engages with his followers on social media. He responds to comments, takes fan suggestions, and shares fan-made content, building a solid community around his brand. Social media allows Cleetus to grow his audience and maintain a loyal fan base.

Racing Towards Success

Cleetus McFarland, synonymous with high-octane excitement, is a force to reckon with in the racing world. His journey from a car enthusiast to a racing sensation is inspiring. This post delves into his meteoric rise and how his passion for speed translated into a stellar career and impressive net worth.

Developing A Racing Career

Cleetus McFarland’s love for cars started young. He spent countless hours tinkering with engines. This hands-on experience laid the foundation for his racing career. His YouTube channel showcasing thrilling car stunts and races became a launchpad for his success.

He leverages his platform to connect with fans, sharing his journey and racing tips. This engagement helped him build a loyal following. His dedication to the craft is evident in every video and race he participates in. Cleetus’s journey is marked by continuous learning and improvement.

Highlights And Achievements On The Track

Cleetus McFarland’s track record is impressive. He has numerous wins and accolades, and his participation in high-profile races and events has cemented his reputation as a top-tier racer.

Some of his notable achievements include:

  • Winning the 2019 Freedom 500
  • Setting multiple track records
  • Hosting the wildly popular Cleetus & Cars events

These accomplishments have boosted his career and significantly contributed to his net worth. His ability to entertain and excel in racing makes him a unique figure in the motorsports community.

To give a clearer picture of his achievements, here is a table summarizing some of his key milestones:

Year Event Achievement
2019 Freedom 500 Winner
2020 Texas Speed 7.0 Track Record
2021 LeMullets First Place

Cleetus McFarland’s journey is a testament to passion and perseverance. His success in racing continues to inspire many aspiring racers around the globe.

Cleetus McFarland Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Occupation, Career And More

The Business Of Speed

Cleetus McFarland has become a household name in the world of automotive entertainment. With a knack for creating engaging content, he has turned his passion for cars into a lucrative business. This section delves into how Cleetus has diversified his revenue streams, focusing on merchandising and product lines, contributing significantly to his net worth.

Diversifying Revenue Streams

Cleetus McFarland’s business model involves multiple revenue streams. This helps him mitigate risks and maximize profits. Let’s explore some key aspects:

Revenue Stream Description
Ad Revenue Income from YouTube ads and sponsorships.
Event Hosting Organizing and hosting car events and races.
Merchandising Selling branded merchandise and products.
Affiliate Marketing Promoting products and earning commissions.

Merchandising And Product Lines

Merchandising is a significant part of Cleetus McFarland’s business. He offers a range of products that appeal to his fanbase. These include:

  • T-shirts with catchy slogans and designs.
  • Hats featuring his brand logo.
  • Stickers and decals for car enthusiasts.
  • Accessories like keychains and phone cases.

These products generate revenue and help build brands. Fans proudly wear Cleetus-branded gear, spreading awareness and loyalty.

Another lucrative avenue is product lines. Cleetus collaborates with manufacturers to create custom car parts and tools. These are marketed to his audience, who trust his expertise in automotive products.

  1. Custom Exhaust Systems
  2. Turbo Kits
  3. Performance Tuners

These collaborations benefit both parties. Cleetus gets a share of the profits, while manufacturers reach a wider audience.

Cleetus McFarland’s net worth is significantly bolstered by his strategic approach to diversifying revenue streams and focusing on merchandising and product lines.

The Freedom Factory: A Dream Realized

Cleetus McFarland, a name synonymous with car culture, has achieved a remarkable milestone by acquiring The Freedom Factory. This venture has significantly impacted his net worth and brought his dream to life. Let’s dive into the journey of this incredible project.

Acquisition And Development

In 2020, Cleetus McFarland purchased the DeSoto Speedway in Bradenton, Florida. He renamed it The Freedom Factory. This purchase marked a pivotal moment in his career. The speedway, a once-abandoned race track, became a vibrant hub for motorsport enthusiasts.

The acquisition process involved extensive negotiations and a hefty investment. Cleetus, with his team, dedicated countless hours to revamping the track. They upgraded facilities, enhanced safety measures, and introduced new features. These efforts paid off as The Freedom Factory quickly gained popularity.

Events at The Freedom Factory now draw large crowds. The venue hosts races, car meets, and community events. This transformation showcases Cleetus’s commitment to his passion and audience.

Cleetus McFarland Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Occupation, Career And More

Impact On Net Worth

The development of The Freedom Factory has positively influenced Cleetus McFarland’s net worth. Here are some key factors contributing to this growth:

  • Increased Revenue: Hosting events and races generates substantial revenue.
  • Merchandise Sales: Branded merchandise sales have surged, adding to the income.
  • Sponsorships: High-profile sponsors are now partnering with The Freedom Factory.
  • Media Content: Videos and live streams from the venue attract millions of views.

Let’s break down the financial impact in a table:

Revenue Source Contribution to Net Worth
Event Hosting $500,000 annually
Merchandise Sales $300,000 annually
Sponsorships $200,000 annually
Media Content $100,000 annually

The Freedom Factory has indeed been a game-changer for Cleetus McFarland. It has elevated his status in the motorsport community and boosted his financial standing.

Collaborations And Sponsorships

Cleetus McFarland, a popular YouTube personality, has built a significant net worth through various collaborations and sponsorships. His influence in the automotive world has attracted numerous brands eager to work with him, significantly contributing to his financial success.

Partnerships With Brands

Cleetus McFarland’s brand partnerships have been critical to his growing net worth. He has worked with leading automotive brands like Summit Racing and Nitto Tire. These collaborations often include sponsored content, product reviews, and event promotions.

Brands find great value in partnering with Cleetus. His audience trusts his recommendations, which boosts their product sales. Additionally, his engaging content ensures high visibility for the brands involved.

Brand Type of Collaboration
Summit Racing Sponsored Content
Nitto Tire Product Reviews
Motion Raceworks Event Promotions

Influence on the Automotive Industry

Cleetus McFarland’s influence in the automotive industry is undeniable. His YouTube channel has millions of subscribers passionate about cars and racing. This large and dedicated audience makes him an attractive partner for automotive brands.

His influence extends beyond YouTube. Cleetus frequently collaborates with other popular automotive influencers, expanding his reach and further solidifying his position in the industry.

  • Collaborations with top automotive influencers
  • Regular appearances at automotive events
  • High engagement on social media platforms

Cleetus McFarland has become a significant figure in the automotive world through these efforts. His collaborations and sponsorships have been crucial to his financial success and growing net worth.

Investments And Assets

Cleetus McFarland is not only a YouTube sensation but also a savvy investor. His investments and assets contribute significantly to his net worth. From real estate to an impressive car collection, Cleetus has diversified his portfolio wisely.

Real Estate And Property

Cleetus McFarland owns multiple properties across the United States. His primary residence is a luxurious house in Florida featuring state-of-the-art amenities and expansive grounds. Cleetus also invests in commercial real estate. He owns a large piece of land used for his automotive ventures. His real estate investments provide a stable income and significant appreciation over time.

Car Collection And Investments

Cleetus McFarland is famous for his love of cars. His car collection includes rare and customized vehicles. Some notable cars in his collection are:

  • Custom Chevrolet Corvette
  • Dodge Viper
  • Ford Mustang

Each car is meticulously maintained and often featured on his YouTube channel. These cars are not just for show; they are valuable assets. Cleetus also invests in automotive stocks and businesses. His investments in the automotive sector align with his passion and expertise.

Asset Type Details
Real Estate Primary Residence, Commercial Property
Cars Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Viper, Ford Mustang
Automotive Stocks Various Investments

Cleetus McFarland’s investments and assets are diverse and well-managed, crucial to his growing net worth.

Cleetus Mcfarland’s Net Worth: An Estimate

Cleetus McFarland is a popular YouTube personality known for his car-related content. His videos attract millions of views, making him a significant figure in the automotive world. Estimating his net worth is challenging due to various income streams.

Calculating Revenue And Profits

Cleetus McFarland earns through multiple channels. Here are the primary revenue streams:

  • YouTube Ad Revenue: His channel has over 2.5 million subscribers, and with millions of views, ad revenue is substantial.
  • Merchandise Sales: Cleetus sells branded merchandise. This adds a significant amount to his income.
  • Sponsorships and Partnerships: Brands pay for promotions in their videos. These partnerships often bring in large sums.
  • Live Events: He hosts events like Cleetus and Cars. These events generate ticket sales and sponsorships.

Estimating exact figures can take time and effort. According to various sources, his net worth is around $2 million to $3 million.

Comparison With Other YouTube Personalities

Cleetus McFarland holds a strong position among YouTube automotive influencers. Here is a comparison:

Personality Estimated Net Worth
Cleetus McFarland $2 million – $3 million
Adam LZ $1.5 million – $2 million
TJ Hunt $2 million – $3 million
Street Speed 717 $1 million – $1.5 million

His net worth is comparable to that of other top influencers. Each has unique content and engagement, which affects their earnings.

Giving Back To The Community

Cleetus McFarland, known for his thrilling automotive content, also has a generous side. His contributions to the community are noteworthy. Through various charitable initiatives and events, he aims to make a difference. Let’s explore how Cleetus McFarland gives back to the community.

Charitable Initiatives

Cleetus McFarland is committed to helping those in need. He supports many charitable causes, and his donations help provide essential resources to underprivileged families. Cleetus often organizes fundraising events, which raise money for different charities. His fans actively participate, making each event a success.

Event Beneficiary Amount Raised
Racing for Relief Local Food Banks $50,000
Charity Drag Race Children’s Hospitals $75,000

Fostering Automotive Enthusiasm

Cleetus McFarland is passionate about cars. He shares this passion with the community. He organizes events to foster automotive enthusiasm. These events include car shows, drag races, and educational workshops. Young car enthusiasts get to learn and enjoy.

Through his YouTube channel, Cleetus inspires millions. He provides tips and tutorials, and his content encourages viewers to explore the world of cars. This creates a positive impact on the automotive community.

  • Car Shows
  • Drag Races
  • Educational Workshops
  • YouTube Tutorials

Cleetus McFarland’s efforts to foster automotive enthusiasm are commendable. He not only entertains but also educates his fans.

The Future Of The Cleetus Mcfarland Empire

Cleetus McFarland has built a strong brand around motorsports. His net worth reflects his hard work and dedication. But what does the future hold for his empire? Let’s explore the exciting upcoming projects and ventures and how he plans to expand his brand.

Upcoming Projects And Ventures

Cleetus McFarland is always working on something new. He has several exciting projects in the pipeline. Fans can expect more thrilling car builds. These projects will feature new, custom-built race cars. The goal is to break speed records and push limits.

Another big venture is event hosting. Cleetus plans to host more car events, and these events will be bigger and better. Expect to see more races, car shows, and fan meetups. Fans love these events, and they keep growing each year.

Project Description Expected Launch
New Race Car Builds Custom-built cars aiming to break records Q1 2024
Event Hosting More car shows, races, and meetups Throughout 2024

Expanding The Brand

Expanding the Cleetus McFarland brand is a top priority. One way is through merchandise. Cleetus offers a wide range of branded items, including hats, T-shirts, and accessories. Fans love to show their support with these items.

Another way is through digital content. Cleetus plans to create more videos and online content, including tutorials, behind-the-scenes looks, and live streams. The goal is to reach more fans and keep them engaged.

Finally, partnerships and sponsorships will play a significant role. Cleetus is teaming up with big brands, which will help grow his empire even more.

  • Merchandise: Hats, t-shirts, and accessories
  • Digital Content: Videos, tutorials, and live streams
  • Partnerships: Collaborations with big brands

Social Media Profile

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Wikipedia Click Here
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Cleetus McFarland’s net worth showcases his success in the automotive world. His dedication and passion have paid off. Fans eagerly watch his next moves. Stay tuned to see how he continues to thrive. Cleetus’s journey is a testament to hard work and innovation in the digital age.


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